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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Diamond Press Word Die Storage

Diamond Press Word Die Storage
I am using a Diamond Press Die Storage Binder.
I cut out each word and adhered it on the magnet sheet.
Then I placed the die under the corresponding word.
I color coded them so I know which set they came from for posting projects on my blog.  Then when writing up my blog posts I can pass that information along to you.  The white is the Diamond Press Cardmaking dies. 

The blue are the Diamond Press Party dies.

By having the words cut out and adhered to the magnet sheet I know exactly what the word looks like cut out for when I want to use them in my projects. 

I store the Diamond Press Stamp and Die Sets in a Docrafts Stamp Storage Binder shown on the left.

Pictured above is the Diamond Press Stamp Set - Beautiful in the Docrafts Stamp Storage Binder.


Pictured above on the left is the Diamond Press coordinating dies for the Beautiful Stamp and Die Set in the Docrafts Stamp Storage Binder. Pictured on the right is the embossing folders that were part of the Beautiful Stamp and Die set. I put a magnetic sheet behind the dies. So when I go to use them I will then just put them on the magnetic sheet and take them off the white sheet they came on.

Happy Crafting!!


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Anna Griffin Mix and Match Embossing Folders Storage Solution

Anna Griffin Mix and Match Embossing Folders Storage Solution

I struggled to find a storage solution that works for me with the Anna Griffin Mix and Match Embossing Folders. The removable plates fit perfectly in the Totally Tiffany Edna - EZ2O Buddy Bag from The Scrap Rack. I have been searching for a way to store these small plates for over a year now. I just by chance put them in the Edna - EZ2O Buddy Bag usually used for ribbon and they fit perfectly.

Washi Tape Storage Solution

 Washi Tape Storage Solution

I am so happy most of my washi tape is in storage.  I used Totally Tiffany Shelly EZ2O Buddy Bag from The Scrap Rack.  As you can see below these Washi tape bags fit in the Iris container (pictured left) and the Creative options containers (pictured on the right).

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Custom Pockets For Stamp Storage Using The We R Memory Keepers Fuse

Custom Pockets For Stamp Storage Using The We R Memory Keepers Fuse

The last couple days I have been organizing my stamps in page protectors.
I am using the fuse tool to make custom pockets for my stamps.

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Totally Tiffany Edna Buddy Bag For Ribbon Storage

I have my ribbon organized in the Totally Tiffany Edna Buddy Bags.
I really like these buddy bags by Totally Tiffany. My ribbon is so nice and organized now.
I am really happy with the results.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Totally Tiffany Teresa Buddy Bag Storage Ideas

I purchased the Teresa Buddy Bags By Totally Tiffany. While I was looking for things to put in it. I came up with the idea of storing my EK Success Mini Punches in there. It fits 13 punches of the new style punch.

It can also be used for Storing Martha Stewart 0.37 Glitter

You can store the .5 oz of Stickles Glue Glitter.
The 1 fl. oz. bottles of Stickles are too big for the Teresa Buddy Bag

This also works for some brands of Nail Polish.
This bag also works nice for the re-inkers for your stamp pads.

Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Repurpose Your Entertainment Center

Repurpose Your Entertainment Center 
I turned my entertainment center into craft storage.
I found cube storage that would fit in the opening.
I happened to have 2 of the pieces. I just needed to find the vertical shelves.
Then I started to organize my craft supplies into the unit.
I am really impressed how easily you can re-purpose old furniture.

Happy Crafting!!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Ikea Raskog Cart Storage

Ikea Raskog Cart 

I finished decking out my Ikea Raskog Cart.  I added some Mainstay baskets from Walmart.
I also added mesh drawer organizers for Ribbon, Washi Tape and wood stamps.
The baskets are removable and can be changed out according to what your working on.
I got the baskets in the front and on the sides at Walmart. The baskets were over by the kitchen supplies at the Walmart here. I had to put the hooks in the baskets and foam behind the basket so it sat up straighter.

Hooks are shown on the left.
I took the white part off these hooks.
I used them to hang the baskets for the washi tape and ribbon
The label shown on the right is the baskets I used.

I don't keep the baskets on my carts all the time.
When I'm working on a project I use the baskets to hold supplies.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Homemade clip it up shoe rack

A friend told me about how you can make your own clip it up with a shoe rack.
So I decided to try it out. I just love it!!!
It has basket storage and you can clip up scrapbook embellishments for easy access.
I decorated it up to match my room and love how it turned out!!
I used plant liners in the basket part to keep my embellishments in there without falling out.
I cut a hole in the middle and put the liner in as I was  putting together each tier.
I also had to trim down the liner to the height of the basket.
It was easy to do.
I am going to use one of the baskets for my collection of washi tape.
I'm still trying to decide what items I want on the part where you can clip it up.
I like that it is decorative and adds  interest to my room.