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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Washi Tape Storage Solution

 Washi Tape Storage Solution

I am so happy most of my washi tape is in storage.  I used Totally Tiffany Shelly EZ2O Buddy Bag from The Scrap Rack.  As you can see below these Washi tape bags fit in the Iris container (pictured left) and the Creative options containers (pictured on the right).

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ikea Raskog Cart Storage

Ikea Raskog Cart 

I finished decking out my Ikea Raskog Cart.  I added some Mainstay baskets from Walmart.
I also added mesh drawer organizers for Ribbon, Washi Tape and wood stamps.
The baskets are removable and can be changed out according to what your working on.
I got the baskets in the front and on the sides at Walmart. The baskets were over by the kitchen supplies at the Walmart here. I had to put the hooks in the baskets and foam behind the basket so it sat up straighter.

Hooks are shown on the left.
I took the white part off these hooks.
I used them to hang the baskets for the washi tape and ribbon
The label shown on the right is the baskets I used.

I don't keep the baskets on my carts all the time.
When I'm working on a project I use the baskets to hold supplies.